The Four Sections of my New Journal

20years of writing on my bed (I mean on the notebook while at bed) has been one of the constant and consistent activities that I have loved to do. This isn’t like letting you in into a private world (not publicly opening a diary right here), but just generously sharing an escape that kept me going for years. Β <Insert friendly face>.

Today I just got my new journal. It’s a bit different from the ones I had – pretty much reflects how one can try new things when she reaches a little (just a little) past her mid-life stage. The old, while its normal, can become too familiar. Too familiar that you just want to get your hands off it and on to something a bit different.

Say “Hi” to my heart-patterned, noisy-covered, 21 by 29 inch notebook. The largest I had so far. <Insert satisfied face>.

It’s cute, isn’t it? It’s pink, I hate that I love it. Yes, I hate that I love pink. I was 7years old when mama taught me how to journal. I remember when I first bought a notebook solely for recording daily events. Writing to every page as if it is listening to you and capable of responding back. Eeesh.

So I was at a store with mama and my brother (Papa was doing office work). It was probably one of the most difficult situations during childhood –that was, having to decide between a “yellow” and a “pink” journal cover. (Lesson Number 1: Learn to decide. Lesson Number 2: Choose only one). After long hours of self-deliberation, I finally picked the one that looked cheddar-cheesy. And believe me, that’s the first and last yellow journal I got for myself. (Lesson Number 3: It’s ok to have pink notebooks!).

So what kind of “newness” am I bubbling about? It’s the content. Plain and white pages have faced me for long and now I just designed and conceptualized a new thought-absorbing (not just water-absorbing) compiled pieces of paper. Something you might wanna copy, tweak a bit, apply to your own studying, or ignore (I wouldn’t mind).

Planning (please excuse my messy handwriting):

The idea is to consume colored sections divided into four. The goal is for the little girl (who hates that she likes pink) to grow and mature in the eyes of His Master (His name is Jesus, and by the way, He is THE Lord).

1. First Section (blue pages) -#Teachable

These pages shall contain everything studied and learned from my pink bible (Pink! Not again!!). The goal is to study (not just read) a few verses. In these pages, there shall be four columns namely “Scripture”, which shall contain the verbatim. “Observation” which shall narrate the facts of the story read. “Interpretation” which shall lay down what the story teaches. And “Application” which shall bluntly ask heart-piercing questions to check the status of how one is walking the talk. (Credits to those who taught me how to study the right way).

2. Second Section (pink pages) – #Prayerful

These pages shall be filled, well obviously, with the hopeful words and overflowing desires. It will track the answers, therefore, each item stamped with a Yes or No. Probably a “W” somewhere. The heart is deceitful, thus, this will somehow show how many “No”s I get for hoping the wrong things and how many “Yes”s I get for dreaming the right ones. “W”s will measure the patience. Perhaps!

3. Third Section (green pages) – #Intentional

These pages shall contain a list of deliberate kindness, deliberate thoughtfulness, deliberate act of giving an encouragement, deliberate blah blah blah blah blah. Actions that are thought about. The world can sometimes be too reckless, I wonder how a tiny-small-irrelevant-below par -piece of help (from a girl who likes pink) can change someone else’s world. If it even matters! Whatever, surely it is an act of…obedience, I guess!

4. Fourth Section (orange pages) – #Thankfulness

These pages will contain something like “Thank You Lord I have finished this seemingly endless post”. The world is full of itself, sometimes it teaches you to dwell more towards itself. Choosing to be grateful with the little things saves you a lot from worthless things.

So there you go! “So there” is a phrase one uses when she runs out of words to say! So there…I just journaled one of the favorite things I enjoy doing – journaling (if there is such a word). This is #intentional. #Praying that this has somehow encouraged you to study His (Jesus) Word (Bible) and; proved you #teachable to atleast write down the important points learned so that it will not be forgotten, and will be constantly applied. #Thank you for reading! 😊


7 thoughts on “The Four Sections of my New Journal

    • Ruthie says:

      Hi! I’m very much glad to hear how this has somehow encouraged you to go back to writing! 😊 If you have suggestions or anything to add to make a journal more personalized, I’d be happy to be motivated by your ideas as well 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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